NFS !!!

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NFS !!!

Postby brot4britu » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:50 pm

I resent the term--MID MAJOR--It is to me an insult---You guys should feel the same !! I say only that we are a Non Football Playing school--same as Big East Gonzaga St Mary's and a host of others--Atl 7 et al !! --We defeated FLORIDA TENNESSEE MIAMI KANSAS ST --all big BAD 'MAJOR SCHOOLS"--AS a non Football Playing school that is making a MAJOR statement Now then Play a sched of Majors such as Minn--Neb--Wake- Ore St -Wash St -ILL ---All POWER schools--We deserve this----JUST because we DO NOT play football we are insulted along with a ton of others !!Some say it is te MONEY aspect !! WELL our performance in this year's tourney says that we earned recognition !! AD WATSON must now go to work on this !!
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Re: NFS !!!

Postby UD 1877 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:33 pm

Could not agree more! At least they don't call teams from the non Power 5 "Little Brother".
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Re: NFS !!!

Postby RamblerInTheRough » Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:31 pm

Loyola should take a leadership position in getting with Rahm, McPier and local universities to get a Chicago area tournament started. Between Loyola's run to the Final Four this year and Northwestern's first bid last year, interest in Chicago basketball is probably highest since the late 70's-mid 80's DePaul and Loyola teams.

Here's my dream scenario: Four team tournament with Loyola (Valley), DePaul (Big East), Northwestern (Big Ten) and Notre Dame (ACC). No conference overlap. Hold all games at Wintrust Arena... perfect sized arena (don't have to try to sell 18,000 tickets at United Center). Have a traveling trophy. Play a 3rd Place/4th Place game as well.

I would think the local media would love covering this. I would think advertising dollars would flow. Not sure how TV works out with ACC Network, BigTen Network and Big East on FS1.

Loyola gets two things: 2 more games on TV and at least one, possibly two NEUTRAL COURT games against top 100 teams (looking at RPI) or a close to home "road" game against DePaul should they play (who knows, maybe DePaul one day will be Top 100 again).

Notre Dame gets to come to Chicago and get in front of recruits.

Northwestern gets to cement its position as "Chicago's Big Ten Team" - no Illini.

DePaul gets two home games.

McPier gets butts in the seats at Wintrust for a change.

Chicago gets to have a really cool tournament.

Win/Win/Win/Win/Win/Win. What do you guys think?
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