Four !!

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Four !!

Postby brot4britu » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:22 am

Think of it !! We are one of the FOUR best teams in the Country !! FOUR--This I shall never forget--EVER !! In 1963 I witnessed a great team--I saw us take down DUKE in the semis--Great !! Yes , but we expected it--All knew from the start that LUC was good--one of the best !! Nobody but this team now knew they were good but the team and its Coach and and assts. That is that has gotten to me !! How proud I am to be a RAMBLER FAN !!
The fun part is that we are not done yet !! I like us to win Saturday--It will accomplish two things for sure--
--Will get us to the final FINISH LINE of course
--Wii wipe out what most think was a crooked call in season after our unmitigated gall to have beaten a so called BIG team in 63--It removed our title of being the BEST --
In any case--We are now one of FOUR--and have EARNED it to everyone's surprise !! I truly think and expect that this is NOT yet the end---FOUR !!!
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